Welcome to the IPS Pilyhas-1 Wiki

  • Welcome to the Interplanetary Pilyhas-1 Wiki. The IPS Pilyhas-1 Wiki has been started by me Dwight Huth a.k.a "Dryson Bennington" as a means to display to the rest of community my conceptual design for the first space vehicle that will carry humanity to the Moon, Mars and deeper into the Sol system then has ever before been achieved or thought possible.

You might be thinking that this is another sc-fi related wiki about faster than light speed starships, or drug laced aliens that can fold space with their minds. It is not. The conceptual designs for mining operation's in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, ships designed for hauling, transporting, sighting seeing, Sol exploration and construction vehicles are all based on real world components that I have read about at Nasa, ESA and other agencies so involved with space exploration. I have taken my knowledge of working in an engineering department as an I-DEAS 7 operator as well as a welder and designed the IPS Pilyhas-1 class of starships It is my hope that the viewers and members of this Wiki are inspired to continue building the dream of all dreams which is colonizing space and seeking what is out there beyond the ether.

IPS Pilyhas-1 Conceptual Design PagesEdit

<----To the left under the Latest Activity heading you will find the IPS Pilyhas-1 class ships article that are currently being developed.


Space Image Section- Here you will find images related to the Cosmos taken by the Hubble Telescope and other space imaging equipment. Sit back open your mind and wonder through the beauty and mystery of space and beyond.Edit



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